Friday, April 30, 2010

Frantic Friday

Well, that's what it felt like. As Fridays go, I guess it was fairly much par for the course though.

Good afternoon,

Well, today kicked off with a visit from Father Bernard, where we continued our discussion about foods Jesus ate.

Further to that, the Year 1 children will have brought home their R.E. books again this afternoon. There will be two loose sheets inside. The first is one about food Jesus ate. Please leave that one (the children may continue colouring it if they wish) as we'll continue with it on Monday.

The second sheet is about what Jesus wore as a boy. The children are to colour in the clothes, cut out them and Jesus, dress Jesus and then paste the dressed Jesus into their R.E. books.

Should they need another copy, for what ever reason, one can be downloaded here.

After R.E. the J Team went out for some more military movements.

I thought to try out this game whereby half the class were bombers, and half were fighters. The bombers had to get down to the end of the basketball court and back without being 'shot down' (have their life lines pulled out) by the fighters. All while holding on to each other and playing the part of nose gunner, two pilots and tail gunner.

On their second mission, two complete bombers actually made it back!

We continued the topic learning after morning tea by making notes about Flight Sergeant Ward's heroic V.C. action.

Then it was just free time (Effort and Behavior Books, R.E. homework, Lucky Book Club handouts...), pack up, Galoop, Rats and home! Well, for the children anyway, I've got one or two (or more) things to do here for things to run smoothly in my absence next week.

Still, this week has been a lot of fun!

Have a good weekend,

Mr Grant

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post Air Force Museum Visit Buzz

Good afternoon,

We're all still buzzing about yesterday's Air Force Museum visit, so much so that after a maths test (gasp!), we used "The trip to the Air Force Museum was cool" as a statement upon which we developed a simple argument...

After lunch we discussed what was the same and what was different about the food Jesus ate and what we eat.

We continued our Air Force learning by recounting the deeds of Flight Sergeant James Ward, and how he won his V.C. ...

...and then acting it out.

We'll do a bit more on this tomorrow.

Bye for now,

Mr Grant

Oh, and by the way, this is what Chris at the Air Force Museum said about your children.

The kids were really fantastic yesterday – I see a LOT of different students and they really were a cut above.

They did us all proud!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video Technical Issues Resolved

Good evening,

Just in case anyone has tried to watch those videos in the previous post, but couldn't - I've just adjusted the permission settings, so's they're now available for everyone to see.

Mr Grant

The Air Force Museum... Brilliant!!

We had a fantastic day out. 'Twas pretty full on, but boy did we get value for money. First up, after we got there...

...was the scavenger hunt.

Then , after a spot of morning tea, we were off for the Pacific Island Air Raid and Sea Rescue Simulations.

Then another break before heading into the restoration hangers, getting on board the Andover...

...and jumping out of it!

Thank you Chris for showing us the museum, it was lots of fun. From Room 2.

P.S. This is Room 2's 100th post!

Mr Grant

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RNZAF UH-1H Iroquois

And what the RNZAF is going to replace them with...

Cross Country Tuesday

Good afternoon,

All in all, we had a great day at school.

First up, the Cross Country.

"Go [fill-in-the-blank] House!"

Yes, the weather was...damp, but it was still cool!

Well done Elliott, Lucy and Gabriella for coming first in the Year 2 Boys, Year 2 Girls and Year 1 Girls races respectively. In fact, well done all of Room 2 - 3 of the top 5 Year 2 Boys and 4 of the top 5 Year 2 Girls were from Room 2! Cool!

Then it was back to school...

...for some free time, some J Team singing and some more marching.

Tomorrow of course we're off to the Air Force Museum. The children are to come to school dressed in their fitness uniform with long track pants.

It'll be cool!

Mr Grant